March 2017. Father's Day Book Review

Father's Day Book Review

Some countries celebrate the Father’s Day on 19th March so in order to celebrate it here’s a very special book review. Listen and find out which are our nominees to best and worst fictional fathers in books! Do you agree with Mixa’s choice? 


Helen Doron Radio - Wonder

Listen to the "Wonder" Book Review to know more about Nathan and Auggie


Helen Doron Radio – Roald Dahl


Listen to the “Roald Dahl” book review to know more about Matilda and her dad Harry Wormwood


Listen to "Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side" by "Magnetic Fields".

Son and father August and Nate Pullman from the book “Wonder” love this song and always compete to see who’s able to hold the long final note. Will we manage to do it?


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