(English) Meeting with David Duchovny


Who would have told me that a Saturday in the middle of May I was going to meet the renowned American actor David Duchovny during the presentation in FNAC Triangle of his first book “Holy Cow”. No less than the Editorial Group 62, who saw to inviting us –a group of young readers and bloggers- to the press conference!



The Sun shone bravely, conscious that I’d be really angry with it if it didn’t do its work properly on such a special day. Outside FNAC, people where cueing to obtain Duchovny’s signature in a line that was out of sight around the corner, and in the hall of the commercial centre the security guards and the news agents couldn’t stop going around with impatience waiting for the arrival of the star of the morning.


Right among the chaos we found ourselves –Pol, Ainhoa, Marc and I- four of the young readers selected to participate in the meeting with Duchovny and we could barely contain our excitement! In front of us, the Forum’s door was erected as a great traffic light in red that would soon change colour. We started warming up, but before we pressed the accelerator we were given green light to enter the room!



Inside was full of cameras, journalists and flashes that surrounded Duchovny and his interpreter. The moment of acting had arrived! A forest of hands rose to claim their minute of glory and the best angles fled away from the photographic lens so that they could fight silently amongst themselves. In other words: the press conference was really intense and interesting… and we could all participate! Some of the most curious questions and answers were…


  • Duchovny didn’t think he was going to become an actor, he always liked writing
  • Years ago he sent the idea of “Holy Cow” to different animation companies but none of them accepted it as a film
  • He started writing his book as something personal, thinking it would never be published
  • Mixa’s question: “Which part of the book do you identify yourself with or do you let off steam the most when writing?” According to Duchovny every author has to feel whatever they write and he identifies himself with the whole book. One of the things he let off steam about was the editors, who didn’t understand him.
  • Mixa’s question: “Would you really like to see the book made into a film? With Jennifer Lawrence?” Duchovny doesn’t lose his hope that someday the book will become a movie, although adult animation is scarce, the book argues in favour of vegetarianism and criticizes religion.


Therefore, after the last question was formulated and the room was emptied in a flash, the young readers were the first in getting their copies signed, in which moment I took the opportunity to ask Duchovny a last question that left him speechless: <<“Why in the “X-Files” did Scully and you never say goodbye before hanging up the phone?>>… “I had never thought about this” Mulder laughed.


Once the twelfth chime sounded the spell broke and the four reporters found ourselves again on the street. But instead of a glass shoe to verify all this hadn’t been only a dream, we had in our hands David Duchovny’s signature… and a poor soul would be who lost it!



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