A divine comedy

repte decembre 2015

Escriu un conte basat en aquesta fotografia. Pot ser una història d'amor, una aventura o qualsevol altre tipus d'història. Pero alerta amb escriure la primera cosa que et véngui al cap o s'acabarà pareixen massa als altres relats. Ajuda'ns a trobar la història més original possible!


a divine comedy

It’ll soon be Christmas in Florence again. I know it mainly because of the people. They all wear heavier clothing -I suppose the weather has become colder- and are a bit more busy and absorbed in their lives than usual so I reckon they’re up to something exciting.

The square which I have views to, the Piazza Santa Croce, has changed as well. As it is an important part of the historic city centre there’s always fascinating things to see, but these days the square bustles with activity due to the fair.

More than fifty makeshift stalls are spread in front of me, full of figurines, decorating lights, Christmas accessories… And one part is dedicated to the German culture along with other Nordic places. From where I stand I can already see ginger bread, strudel… I wish I could taste them! I’ve spent years trying to imagine their smell and taste. If I carried some precious stones, like other fellows of mine, I’d love to buy some… But no, I’m just a stone statue of a famous guy with an angry face. Maybe the sculptor thought Dante would be angry for never being able to see the glorious cathedral behind him. That’s what I call a “divine comedy”.


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